image of Johannes Teyssen

Johannes Teyssen


image of Frank Calabria

Frank Calabria

CEO, Origin Energy Ltd.

image of Stephen Comello

Stephen Comello

Research Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business

image of Bettina Sonnemann

Bettina Sonnemann

Head of Legal Germany at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

image of Hans Kobler

Hans Kobler

CEO, Energy Impact Partners

image of Doris Gemeinhardt-Brenk

Doris Gemeinhardt-Brenk

Head of Digitisation and Interconnectivity, Federal Network Agency, German Govt

image of Tack Tamagawa

Tack Tamagawa

Chief Operating Office, Soracom Inc. US

image of Heriberto Diarte

Heriberto Diarte

SVP, Corporate Ventures and External Innovations, Schneider Electric SE

image of Tony Lucas

Tony Lucas

Executive GM, Future Energy and Business Development, Origin Energy Ltd.

image of Florian Kolb

Florian Kolb

Managing Director, innogy New Ventures LLC

image of Ingo Alphéus

Ingo Alphéus

CEO of Belectric Solar & Battery GmbH

image of Thomas Leurent

Thomas Leurent

CEO, Akselos SA

image of Amit Narayan

Amit Narayan

CEO, AutoGrid Systems, Inc.

image of Tomomichi Seki

Tomomichi Seki

Managing Executive Officer, Tokyo Electric Power Company

image of Talal G. Shamoon

Talal G. Shamoon

CEO, Intertrust

image of Thomas Birr

Thomas Birr

SVP, Innovation & Business Transformation, innogy SE